• How Do I Adjust The Brightness?

    Go to the Menu screen. Tap on “Brightness” and use the slider to make your adjustment.
  • How Do I Change The System Language?

    Go to the main Menu and tap on System Language. Tap on the language you want to use, then tap OK in the upper right corner.
  • How Do I Install My Global SIM Card?

    Please follow instructions found here.
  • How Do I Update My Pocketalk?

    To update your software: Go to your menu Scroll down to “Software Update” and select this. If there’s a software update available, you will be prompted. Click continue. Follow the prompts on the screen to download and then update your Pocketalk. Please note: your Pocketalk battery must be at lea...
  • How to do a Factory Reset?

    To do a Factory Reset: Go to the menu (top left of the home screen) Scroll to the bottom and select "reset" Tap on "Restore Factory Settings" and click "reset". Your device will restart and be reset back to factory settings. Note: this will erase all of your past translations on this device incl...
  • I bought Pocketalk from Europe, do you offer support in other languages?

    If you’ve purchased Pocketalk from Europe, then our EU Support Team will be the best team to help with your questions. You should be able to find the answers to most of your questions here: If that doesn’t quite answer it, you can contact our E...
  • I lost my charging cable that came with my Pocketalk

    At the moment, we do not offer replacement charging cables but it’s a fairly common cable, USB Type-C, that they should be able to find in any electronics store or Amazon.It just has to fit the following specifications: Battery Charging Port: USB Type-C Charge Voltage (cable): up to 5V Charg...
  • Issue creating account on Pocketalk Center

    If you're having issues setting up your Pocketalk Center, try the following method: Setting up Pocketalk Center.
  • The Pocketalk with built in data I bought is missing it's SIM card!

    If you purchased the “Pocketalk with Built-in Data” version, then the SIM is actually not a “SIM card” but an “embedded SIM chip” which is built into the device, and it’s made to activate the minute you launch the device (so your 2 years of global Mobile Data coverage starts automatically the day...
  • What If Some Transcriptions Or Translations Are Incorrect?

    Pocketalk provides the most accurate translations possible because it accesses the latest translation engine every time it’s used. But, we do realize there are times when transcriptions may not be fully accurate. There is quite a bit of work done each time Pocketalk is used. First, your voice a...