The Pocketalk with built in data I bought is missing it's SIM card!

If you purchased the “Pocketalk with Built-in Data” version, then the SIM is actually not a “SIM card” but an “embedded SIM chip” which is built into the device, and it’s made to activate the minute you launch the device (so your 2 years of global Mobile Data coverage starts automatically the day you first launch the product).

To double check if the data is working:

  1. Go to settings (top left corner of the screen)
  2. Check the mobile data on the top left.
    • If it's working, it should display both "mobile data" and the signal strength
    • If it doesn't display anything, proceed to the next step
  3. Scroll down and tap on "Device/License Info"
  4. Select "Device info"
    • If you see IMEI (Embedded SIM) and ICCID (Embedded SIM), your device is a ”built-in data” version.
    • If you see IMEI (SIM slot) and ICCID (SIM slot), your device is a "without built in data” version.

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