What If Some Transcriptions Or Translations Are Incorrect?

Pocketalk provides the most accurate translations possible because it accesses the latest translation engine every time it’s used. But, we do realize there are times when transcriptions may not be fully accurate.

There is quite a bit of work done each time Pocketalk is used. First, your voice audio is transcribed into text, then the text is translated into another language, then that is again changed into an audio format.

If you feel that a translation did not go through correct, please first check to see if Pocketalk heard what you said correctly by checking your language transcription on the device.

  • If the transcription is incorrect, please try re-saying the phrase/sentence.
  • If Pocketalk did transcribe properly, maybe try rephrasing your statements in another way.

There’s nothing you need to do to notify us of incorrect translations. The language engines used are continually becoming more accurate.

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