Renewing your 2 year data plan

There are two options you can choose from for renewing your embedded global SIM:

  • 1 Year (auto renewal) for $44.00 / year
  • 2 Weeks (no auto renewal) for $30.00

NOTE: If you select the "1 year (auto renewal)" option, you can cancel the auto renewal through "Pocketalk ID".

There are two ways in which you can carry out the renewal:

  1. You can do it on the website directly here:

To find your IMEI number:

  • Go to Settings on the top left corner of the home screen
  • Select Device/License Info
  • Select Device Info
  • The IMEI will be listed on this page
  1. You can use a link from the device itself (note: for Pocketalk W, the software version must be 3.4.00 / 0.4.2 or later.) To find link from the device:
  • Go to Settings on the top left corner of the home screen
  • Select "Communication Plan"
  • Select the "Information" button at the bottom of the screen. (Note: this will only be an option if you have less than one year left on your data plan)
  • It will generate a personalized QR code you can scan or give you an HTML link you can use on your desktop or smartphone.

For both methods, once on the website, follow the prompts on the screen to renew.

Please note that the option for renewing your embedded SIM will only become available when you have less than one year left on your data plan.

Jan 22, 2024

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