Procedures for extending Global Communication plan for 1 year (auto-renewal)

●Procedure for extending service from  computer or smartphone

1. Tap "■" in the upper left corner of the Pocketalk screen.

2.Tap "Settings"

3.Tap "Communication Plan"

4.Tap "Extend"

5. Tap "Extend from PC and Smartphone"

6. A QR code will be displayed; read the QR code from your smartphone to access the extension page.

7. Mark "1 year (with auto renewal)," select your currency, and tap "Next".

8. Log in with your Pocket Talk ID on your smartphone. If you have a Pocketalk ID

type your Pocketalk ID (email address) and password, and tap [Login].

If you do not have a PocketTalk ID, tap [Create new password] to create an account.

9.After logging in, the registration screen will appear. Tap [I agree].

10. Enter your credit card information and tap "Accept the Terms of Use and register".

11.When registration is complete, the "Procedure Completed" screen will be displayed.