How to use Pocketalk Subtitles

Initial Set-Up
1.Download and install "Pocketalk Subtitles" on your computer
2.Set the camera of "Pocketalk subtitles" to the webcam
3.Turn on "Screen Sharing" in "Settings"> "Screen Sharing" of "Pocketalk"
4.Enter the "Share number" and "Password" of the displayed screen share
5.Start the remote conference software and join the conference
6.Set the camera of the remote conference software to "Pocketalk Subtitle"

Active Use
1.Launch "Pocketalk Subtitles"
2.Start the remote conference software and start the conference
3.When you speak with your Pocketalk Voice Translator, it will be displayed on the screen

Note: This is only compatible with Microsoft 10/8.1 (07/12/2021)

The UI languages for the Subtitles software itself come in 13 languages
Japanese, English, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Thai.

The languages supported for translation is the same as the number of languages supported by the Pocketalk device: 82.

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