What is the difference between the Pocketalk and Pocketalk Classic?

Our new Pocketalk which was announced at CES2020 is 25% lighter and 33% thinner than the previous model, Pocketalk Classic, and was crafted to be the size of a business card for easier travel portability.

While the overall size of the device has decreased, the screen size was increased by 16%! Also, the new Pocketalk has improved connectivity and it now supports a wider mobile band, which means that the new Pocketalk will have a stronger data signal across the world and faster translations.

However, more notably, the biggest difference is that new Pocketalk has a new built-in camera into it. The camera enables Pocketalk to translate, text, the written word, and signs via proprietary Sourcenext technology.

These are the main differences between the new Pocketalk and the Pocketalk Classic.

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