How Does Pocketalk Work?

Pocketalk needs connection to the internet. Pocketalk accesses online translation engines to provide the most accurate translations possible. These engines continue to get more accurate all the time.

You have various options to connect:

  • Carrier Coverage: Connecting to carrier provider’s networks will provide you a broader coverage range with no hassles of continually entering WiFi passwords.
  • WiFi or personal hotspot: You can also connect to WiFi or a personal hotspot on your phone.

The easiest solution is to buy our “built-in mobile data” version of Pocketalk. This comes with 2 years of unlimited data included just for an additional $50 up-front. No monthly fees. Turn on the device and travel in over 120 countries / regions. Once your initial 2 years of data are up, you will have the option to renew; enter a SIM card of your own; connect via personal hotspot, or connect via WiFi.

If you buy the “add your own mobile data” version, then you can add a SIM card for carrier coverage, or connect via WiFi or personal hotspot. We recommend buying the “Pocketalk Global SIM Card from Soracom” which is sold on our website because it’s the only SIM card supported by us.

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