• Can I Purchase Pocketalk Without Built In Data And Install My Own SIM Card For Mobile Data?

    Yes. You can purchase and install your own SIM card. However, we do recommend “Pocketalk Global SIM Card by Soracom” from our website because that is the only SIM card supported by us.
  • Can I Use My Phone for Bluetooth Tethering?

    No, the Bluetooth functionality does not support Bluetooth Tethering and is solely intended for connecting to speakers or earphones only.
  • Can I use Pocketalk as a Wi-Fi Router?

    Unfortunately, Pocketalk is not designed to work as a Wi-Fi router, so you will not be able to set up any Wi-Fi hotspots with it. (Although you can access Wi-Fi hotspots from Pocketalk to Wi-Fi routers or hotspots on your smartphone, you can’t go the other way around and connect from your smartph...
  • Can I Use Pocketalk Offline?

    No. An internet connection is required using Wi-Fi, mobile data, or a personal hotspot. That’s because Pocketalk relies on robust language engines and cutting-edge cloud technologies to carry out its highly accurate translations. If you purchase Pocketalk with Built-in Data, it comes with two ye...
  • Do I Need To Purchase A Separate SIM Card If My Pocketalk Comes With “Built-In Mobile Data”?

    No, not if the country you intend to use it in is one of our supported countries. The “built-in mobile data” version of Pocketalk comes with a SIM chip already built-in. It’s ready to work out of the box. Simply turn on Pocketalk, and the mobile data will automatically connect to the internet.
  • How Do I Know I’m Connected To The Internet?

    From the home screen, tap on the Menu button in the upper left corner. On the Menu screen you will see mobile data bars or WiFi bars.
  • How Long Is The Data Plan For The Built-In Mobile Data Version?

    Two years from the time of initial activation. Your built-in mobile data will automatically launch when you turn on Pocketalk for the first time.
  • How Many Countries Does The “Pocketalk Global SIM Card By Soracom” Work In?

    The Pocketalk Global SIM Card by Soracom currently works in over 120 countries. For the full list of countries, please check out this link: Languages & Countries - Pocketalk. This of course does not mean that you will get service everywhere within the country. It just means that it is suppor...
  • How to Cancel Data Plan Auto Renewal:

    Visit the following link: Log in to your registered account. Navigate to the lower-left corner and select "Cancel a Service."
  • What Do I Need To Know When Using Pocketalk In China?

    If using Pocketalk in China, you may not be able to connect to the internet using local WiFi networks or prepaid SIMs sold in China. If you have a Pocketalk with built-in data, we recommend you switch to data mode. If you’re using our Soracom Global SIM (sold separately) use this in data mode to ...
  • What Happens At The End Of The Two-Year Mobile Data Plan?

    After the two years, if you would like to continue using the built-in data for your mobile data connections, you will need to renew your data plan. This is offered at $50/year. For information on how to do so, please refer to this article. Other options include installing a SIM card or connectin...
  • What If My Mobile Data Connection Is Poor?

    We have all encountered mobile data connections being poor in certain areas. If this happens, we encourage looking for a local WiFi to connect to or connecting to a personal hotspot on your phone. Sometimes WiFi can offer a stronger and faster connection than a mobile data connection through a ca...