Why not a smartphone?

Pocketalk is built with conversations in mind:

  • Hardware advantage: You no longer need to put your phone up to yours or another person’s mouth in order to pick up conversations on a smartphone’s mic. Our robust noise-canceling mic is able to pick up words spoken in noisy restaurants to busy intersections and everything in between.
  • Security and privacy: In the modern world, we’ve come to rely on our smartphones to hold our entire life, whether that’s photos, contacts, conversations, and all our social media! This makes it too valuable to use in a setting where you’re asking a stranger in a foreign country for directions.
  • Dedicated Device: Save your phone battery on things that do matter, like taking photos or using it as a GPS to get you places. Pocketalk is a dedicated device with a battery life that will last you all day!
  • Built-in data plan: Pocketalk comes with a complimentary 2-year data plan which means you can translate on a train in Paris, to a café in Italy or on the streets with Germany. You no longer need to look for data locally in order to communicate.
  • Utilizes the Best Engines: We make sure that we use the best transcription and translation engines to translate between your two chosen languages.